Our Route

This map shows the places we have stopped each night on our journey so far.

Red pin: one night
Yellow pin: more than one night


Our planned route is vague and a work in progress. Whilst we have a rough idea of where we would like to cycle, we are keen to follow our curiosity and to take in places and routes suggested by others.

We are spending most of the first year in Europe where we hope to visit, amongst other places:

  • The Lofoten Islands in Norway where our St Kilda mailboat was found washed up on the shore in 1988
  • St Petersburg, if we can secure a Russian visa
  • Johanna’s ancestral homeland of Prussia (now northern Poland)
  • The Mediterranean for lemon picking, and
  • French vineyards for a little wine tasting
Current route around Europe

Current route around Europe

After Europe we are travelling in a westerly direction around the planet, starting with Iceland and Canada.

The Americas

The Americas


Australasia, Asia and home

Our plans don’t currently include Africa but if we’re still enjoying being out there….who knows…,


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