All cut up

Just a quick brief update on Jerry and his inguinal hernia.

He saw his GP(local doctor) back at the beginning of May and was referred immediately to a consultant at our local hospital here in Perth who we saw in mid-June. He recommended surgery and placed Jerry on the waiting list for an operation. Jerry was lucky enough to be offered a cancelled appointment (being fit and healthy has some benefits) and so on Thursday this week we walked down the road to Perth Royal Infirmary and checked into Ward 1.

Four hours later, Jerry returned from the operating theatre with a ten centimetre scar in his right groin and the bulging intestines no longer visible beneath his skin. A small mesh has been placed over the split in his stomach muscles that will, hopefully, keep everything in its correct place. Having passed all the required tests post-operation, I was able to bring home to our friends’ home to recuperate. He is pretty sore, but in good spirits, and I am getting lots of practice at looking after him. He’s delighted that he has an excuse to lie on the sofa and watch the tennis at Wimbledon, and Formula one.

Now he just wants to get better for our next cycling adventure…….


6 responses to “All cut up

  1. Sarah Carstairs

    Glad to hear it is all done and that the wait wasn’t too long. Best wishes for a very speedy recovery from all the Carstairs. Sarah xx

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  2. Hi Joh,  So pleased Jerry’s op has been a success. I know it’ll be sore for a while but every day will be better and closer to getting back on his bike again. Best wishes to the two of you – and to that lovely landlord and landlady. Love Jill

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  3. Glad it has all gone well. Chris had one 15 years ago. Still going strong – just keep moving. Best wishes to you both. Chris & Chris.


  4. Hello I’ve read you blog with interest as I shall be cycling to Siciliy in about 2 weeks time. I started at Copenhagen and my route took meet via Berlin, Prague, southern Czech republic to Lintz then Passau, up to Innsbruck and finally to Mantova where I pick up the route and hopefully get to Sicily. That’s if scorching temperature and earthquakes allow me!!!
    Incidentally I’m Kerry White’s father, Dave Wiseman from Outward Bound.
    Hope Jerry is fully recovered and you will be able to set off again shortly


    • Hi Terry, oh wow, that sounds like a great route. I hope you like Sicily, we thought it an amazing place. Maybe Etna will put on a show for you too. I suspect you will have some great photos of your trip as, if I recall correctly, you are a photographer. Are you blogging?
      Jerry is recuperating slowly – an update coming shortly. Happy cycling, Johanna


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