Rising rivers

From Frankfurt we followed the Main to where it meets the Rhein at Mainz. We had a lovely days ride until we took the ferry across at Rüdesheim. Here Jerry hit a patch of broken glass and ended up with multiple punctures.


We tried repairs and replacement in an underpass beneath the railway sheltering from the rain, but his tyre would not stay up. Luckily, there was a Warmshower host nearby so we called to see if we could stay at short notice. Martina said ‘Yes’ so after a short train trip we ended up in a warm, dry house with lovely people who treated us to a local wine tasting session. We found all the holes eventually by using a big bucket of water to see the escaping air bubbles.

The last two days we have been cycling past castles and vineyards on the Rhein and Mosel rivers. There is a lot of water coming down with all the recent rain so some paths have been impassable. Tonight it’s snowing, so we’ve decided to stay in a youth hostel rather than camp. Here are some pictures from the last few days.


Castle above the Rhein


Jerry at Deutsches Ecke where the Rhein and Mosel meet


It's a bit too deep to cycle!


Jerry takes in the view down to the Mosel from the vineyards above.


Mmmm..... Lots of lovely wine to taste.


One response to “Rising rivers

  1. Remember you are triathletes – you should be swimming across those puddles carrying your bikes! Seriously you guys are so resilient and I am thoroughly impressed. I would have hired a car ages ago! I am really enjoying being educated about all these places you have been and the people you are meeting along the way. It always amazes me how accommodating and helpful complete strangers can be. Take care. Oge


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