Time to be on the Road Again

A longer blog about our winter in Bavaria is coming in the next few weeks, but for now I thought I would write a quick update on where we are. I need to find a new way of doing these blogs that is less onerous on me whilst travelling. So here is the first….

We’re now cycling across Germany following the Main, Rhein and Mosel rivers towards Luxembourg. We had a surreal experience in Aschaffenburg yesterday when riding along the towpath to see the Schloss (castle) we came across a sign saying ‘Perth Inch’. Apparently our home city is twinned with Aschaffenburg!


Home from home!

The weather is cool and damp, we got very wet a couple of days ago when it rained all afternoon. Drying out in the tent proved a little challenging. We had to sleep with our wet clothes in the sleeping bags to dry them out ready to put on the next morning!

Tonight we are staying with a delightful couple through Warmshowers just to the west of Frankfurt.


8 responses to “Time to be on the Road Again

  1. And we will be in Aschaffenburg in July to see Perthshire Brass on tour, before going cycling in Bavaria!

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  2. Hi Jo and Jerry – never realised this could be a two way thing!! (Sarah here)
    Hope you have warmed up and dried out and have some more good riding. Xx

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  3. We’re twinned with so many towns I have trouble remembering them all. I have close friends from Stirling who live in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg with their young family. They’re also keen cyclists so let me know if you would like to meet a friendly face. Hope you’ve dried out.
    All best, Lorna


    • Thanks for the offer Lorna, we’re going to be cycling a bit further north across Luxembourg so will miss out on Mondorf led Bains. It’s going to be funny speaking French again after so much time speaking German.


  4. Glad to hear you are on the move again. Strangely I was also in that region this week with a works trip to Osnabrueck Mon Tues then driving down to Mainz Weds and Thursday, first dry day was Today for the train back before flying back. Lots of rain and snow on higher parts until today. Hopefully you will now get drier weather. I’ll stick to the local club ride with cafe stop tomorrow.

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