How to blog and cycle??

Blogging and cycling south fast do not go easily together, hence I am way behind on our journey through Scandinavia. I will write a full version when I get to sit still for a couple of days again. For now I’ll just give you a quick update on where we are and have been.

We caught the Norwegian fast coastal ferry, the Hurtigruten from Trondheim to Bodø and then another ferry out to the Lofoten Islands. We continued cycling north through these stunning islands, became farm hands for a couple of days, had a big mechanical with Jerry’s bike and arrived in Tromsø. From there we took the Hurtigruten again, via Hammerfest, to Honningsvåg right at the north of Norway and cycled/walked to the most northerly point on continental Europe. Since then we have been cycling south through Finland, averaging over 50 miles (80km) a day for two and a half weeks. So we are now just 60 miles (100 km) north of Helsinki. Here are a few pictures of our trip:


02:30 hours at our first campsite on the Lofoten


Evening view from our tent in Vesterålen


6000 year old rock carvings in Alta


Finnish trees - they have a lot of them!


Fruits of the Forest


6 responses to “How to blog and cycle??

  1. Stunning photos. How amazing are these rock paintings? Direct communication with the ancestors! I just love the crapping reindeer!
    Good luck with the next stretch of adventures! Looking forward to the next blog. xx


  2. Wow, really stunning scenery. I am impressed by how much ground you are covering without much rest in between. And all those hills! The lactic acid is building up in my legs just reading your posts. Having said that, I have entered a cycle event taking place coming sunday (‘only’ 72km but with hills). So I have been training hard and even managed to glance at the view as I was cycling (thinking of you Jo!). It is taking me a full week to recover from a 70km cycle though….


    • Good Luck on Sunday Oge. The scenery has been stunning, what a beautiful world we live on. We’re very stunned at our average distance too, though we are ready for a rest now to recuperate and get ready for the Baltic States and Poland.


  3. So lovely to see and hear about Norway where we iived for seventeen years. How well you are doing. Your comments are so interesting and fun to read, thank you


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