And we’re off….

A busy week saying goodbye to friends from across Scotland. We realise how blessed we are and how sad we are to be leaving so many lovely people. We hope some of you will come and join us for a bit of our journey at various places around the world.

Today, we were touched by how many friends turned up to wave us off from the Viewing Platform in Perth. The sun shone, the wind blew and we managed to stay upright on our bikes whilst waving and cycling.


Le Petit Départ 11 May 2015

We’re now 15 miles down the road enjoying our first quiet sit down for about 6 weeks. It’s good to be on the road, though it’s feeling a little surreal at the moment. We can’t quite believe that we have really made this happen.

We met our first fellow cycle tourer in Bridge of Earn whilst having a quick stop for lunch.


Martyn, a fellow cycle tourer, with Jerry

Martyn is about to cycle from Munich to Venice and has previously cycled down Africa to Cape Town.


9 responses to “And we’re off….

  1. Good luck Jerry and Johanna, I’ll be following you with interest. Best Wishes.


  2. May the wind be always at your backs…happy travelling!


  3. Kevin Urquhart

    It was great to see you both today, i never got a chance to speak to you but i wish you both good luck in your travels and i look forward to reading your blog.


  4. All the best and safe travels.👍😀


  5. All the best and enjoy😀👍


  6. It was great to see you both today, thank you for including me in your ‘send off’. You are amazing and I cannot wait to read of your adventures and experiences as you explore.

    You looked happy, relaxed and were ‘glowing’ as you cycled off – what a great way to kick things off 🙂 xx


  7. It was great to see you on Monday as you set off on your adventure and hope things are going well. I told a colleague about our encounter and he said you might be interested in this site run by a friend of his.


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