Busy, busy, busy…..

Time has just been rushing by and it is over a week and a half since our last blog. Our house is now almost empty and we have been busy getting it ready to let. This has involved plastering bits of the kitchen, hanging tiles behind the cooker, filling holes, touching up the walls and completely painting the kitchen and living room. In between times, we have done our accounts for the last tax year, been to see our accountant, ordered new kit to take with us (more of this in the next blog), gone paperless as much as possible, ordered a pre-loaded card for travelling, applied to the tax office to be nonresident landlords, signed Jerry up for self assessment, chosen new carpets and vinyl, shown two prospective tenants around our house, got a gas safety certificate and rehomed our cat, Amber. Oh, and I almost forgot…. deposited our ladders and futon with my nephew Geoff in Preston, spent three days working on his house and visited my 84 year old aunt in the Lakes! Yes, we have been busy.


2 responses to “Busy, busy, busy…..

  1. Good luck and take care.


  2. Now you are in the last week before you set off, keep faith. You have both done amazing things in the past and have the resourcefulness and determination to make this work. We are looking forward to seeing you in Calgary next year. Wishing you smooth roads and no potholes!


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