The plan is coming together

With the plumbers, joiner and electricians finishing their work in our home this week it’s now just down to us to finish getting the place ready to let whilst we are away on our adventures. Ironically, it has been easier to spend the money to get the house ready for someone else to live in than to spend it to make it comfortable for ourselves. Hopefully, some of the benefits will still be here when we eventually get home.

The rent from letting our house will provide some of our funds whilst we are travelling. We’ll be living on a very tight budget and staying a lot of nights in our tent, wild camping where we can.

Suddenly our departure date is rushing up and we are both feeling a little nervous as we realise that we are really doing this. I’ve read a lot about people setting off on long travels (or not setting off) and most agree that the best way to make it happen is simply to close the door and get on your bike. This is what we have held in mind since last summer when we made the decision to go and it has helped us get through obstacles to leaving. There is always a solution to each difficulty that has arisen.

Just three more weeks of work to go and then we will be full time on preparation for a month. Tax and money matters, decluttering and putting belongings into storage, deciding what gear to take and what to leave behind, servicing our bikes and improving our maintenance and repair skills, moving out and letting our home. I think we’ll need a holiday when we set off on Monday 11th May.


One response to “The plan is coming together

  1. Linda neville

    What route are you taking? Chris h wants to know. Linda and Nadine looking forward to seeing you on the Grand Depart!


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